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Latest News

3.2.16 - Durham County are running their Junior Championships at Coxhoe again this year on Saturday 12th March. The details are on this Poster. You can enter online HERE.

.1.16 - The second tables for the Individual Championships are now HERE.

.16 - The next executive committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th 2016 at Hetton Workingmen’s Club at 7.15 pm. These are the previous Minutes and the Agenda.

6.1.16 - Durham City Club are organising a Junior event at Coxhoe on Saturday 23rd January 1.15pm. The details are on this Poster.

23.12.15 - The first tables for the Individual Championships are now HERE.

22.12.15 - The draw for rounds 3 & 4 of the Ron Evers has now been posted on the website. Teams should check with Peterlee to see if they need to bring any equipment on the night. Durham and Hetton 2 have not yet added their result to the website.

19.12.15 - The 4NCL have their 6th FIDE Rated Congress run by Alex and Lara at Wetherby on 8-10th January 2016. The Entry form is HERE.

.15 - The first two rounds of the Ron Evers Trophy were played at Hetton WMC.

.15 - See pairings on the Ron Evers page

Ron Evers update
The draw has now been made for the first two rounds of the Ron Evers due to be played next week at Hetton Workingmen's Club. The first named team in each pairing are requested to bring four boards fours sets, four clocks and enough scoresheets for two matches. If there are any more teams wishing to enter at this late stage then please contact the Ron Evers organiser asap - contact details under DCCA Officials. Matches to start around 7.15-7.30. Thank you.
Graham Matthews
Ron Evers organiser

20.10.15 - Darlington are organising a Simul. with GM Keith Arkell - the details are HERE.

12.10.15 - I have updated the DCCA Officials page and several of the Clubs details. Let me know if you spot any errors.

.15 - The website has been updated with new pages for the Ron Evers Trophy and the County Durham Congress. Check them out with the menu buttons.

9.8.15 - Not long to the new Chess season. Jonathan Hawkins has won the British Championship and the new ECF grades are out - ECF Grades.
I have now moved most of last year's results to the Archive.

DCCA AGM - This was held at 7.15pm Wednesday 20th May at Durham's club (Antioch House). These are the Minutes and the changes to the Ron Evers are Here.


Local Congress News

County Durham Congress

The 36th Congress (wasn't last year the 37th?) will be held at the usual venue - Houghton Sports centre, on 15-17th April 2016.

Entry Form


Chester-le-Street Congress

The 3rd Congress was held on 21-23rd August 2015.


Northumberland Congress

The 51st Congress was held on 25-27th September 2015. 


Hetton Quickplay

This event was meant to be held on 5th December 2015 at the usual venue, Hetton WMC, but was cancelled due to lack of entries.